I was born 1949. I live in Savoy (France).

Ink, that ancestral material, has always had my favour, I enjoy combining it with pen or reed. The two techniques I use are rather different : One , monochrome, consists of ink on a uniform wash drawing, often ochre, with a few touches of colours to enhance it. The other, both sketch and ink-drawing, brought out by watercolour That combination gives subjectivity and precision at the same time to my various themes, such as old stones for which I have a particular liking. My passion for history urges me to paint on paper or canvas those old houses which seem to welcome us and be worthy of our respect. That pictorial work is strictly conditioned by the initial drawing, it all depends on how I look at the world around me. Focusing attention on the atmosphere you want to convey in the landscape is important : impressions of life, austerity or simply peacefulness. I have always been moved by the impressionist movement of the XIX th century. Thanks to the works of William Turner, famous for his interpretation of light, shapes and space, I discovered watercolour. I was particularly moved by Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Suzanne Valadon, Le Douanier Rousseau and the strange Fernand Desmoulin. The list is not exhaustive. I hate routine, so I evolve according to the sensations and energies of the moment. I don’t have any precise theme, I only listen to my heart and focus on my emotions. Someone said once “ I move towards everything and everything moves me” such is my case. “Unity in diversity” Plato used to write. Over the past few years I came back to oil painting, thanks to casual encounters during exhibitions. So I rediscovered that noble material to move forward toward other pictorial horizons I haven’t modified my subjects, I only adapted my impressions on the canvas (brush and knife)I even had my “blue period !” Again the same monochrome technique with surrealist, symbolic even sacred scenes. I enjoy adapting various techniques both new and personal. Painting, for me, is offering a part of myself. It is simply the transposition of my love for human beings and for “things with a soul” I am also fond of painting on wood, walnut in particular, to play with its fibers and my colours. The exhibitions gave me the opportunity to discover people whose passions help me advance. Above all my wife, my muse, always near me. In my exhibitions, I enjoy combining painting with poetry and music. Painting, exhibiting are first and foremost sharing and loving. &&&